About us

We are a multidisciplinary collective of young engineers from Curaçao sharing a common passion for creating our built environment. Nothing gets us more excited than solving complex challenges. Whether it is solving a puzzle, playing with Legos, or creating a future-proof strategy for the city, we are not afraid to push the boundaries and let our imagination run wild. We believe that the only way to find the best solutions is to think, design, try, and repeat it all over again.


We cannot build alone. Building requires teamwork. Also, more ideas equal more fun. That is why we started this collective. With the goal to discuss ideas, new ways of thinking, and to remind others that building and sometimes rebuilding offer us new opportunities to tackle social, economic, and technical challenges. 


Don’t limit yourself to all the reasons why not. Join us in exploring tangible possibilities to make our collective ideas for an attractive and future proof Curaçao a reality. We would love to hear your ideas. Let’s start building towards 2069 together!

The team:
Jerico Bakhuis - Energy and sustainability
Nadège Heyligar - Design and interaction
Sharif Jacobino - Information & communication technology
Marson Jesus - Transport and mobility
Corina Regales - Real estate and urban development

Rashid Ayoubi - Urban planning and design

Krea's values


A forward thinking mindset that cultivates ideas of high quality.


A holistic approach to problem solving by bringing together multiple disciplines


Community engagement

Having people actively participate in the shaping of their environment.


Thoughtful execution

To think, design, try, and repeat before execution.