Do you want to collaborate with Krea 2069?

Wonderful! We are always looking for guest contributions to add to the content of Krea 2069. As a collective, we encourage others to share the stage with us with their innovative ideas, interesting perspectives, real-word experience, inspiring stories and other insightful information. We leave it up to you to decide in which way you’d like to contribute.  


But before you grab your pen, brush, camera, phone or whichever tool you prefer, let’s make sure we are on the same page. That is why we ask you the following.


Send us a message in the contact form below. Include in your message:

  • Why your contribution fits with Krea 2069?

  • In which way do you choose to make your contribution: an article, research paper, interview, poem, photograph, video, workshop or another creative way?

  • A short bio of yourself (a maximum of 3 phrases).


We will contact you shortly to further discuss the details and guidelines of your contribution to Krea 2069. We do this to ensure a consistent level of quality.  


We look forward to hearing from you!

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