Isla Nobo:

Curaçao 2069

This story presents our vision for Curaçao in 2069. With this, we want to illustrate the

challenges that need to be faced to reach our envisioned 2069. An overview is made

containing the main challenges, each pertaining to one of the four building blocks:

● The built environment (Isla Urbano)

● Energy (Isla Duradero)

● Information & Communication Technology (Isla Konektá)

● Transport (Isla Móbil)


With this story, we present to you our vision by illustrating a day in the life of Janchi in 2069.

Hi, kontá!

I’m Janchi. I’m an architect by profession, but I like to think I am more than that. Born and raised in Otrobanda, I grew up with a fascination for the neighborhood. At that time, the streets were decaying but had potential, so did the city and the island. Like many students back in my day, I moved abroad and decided to study Architecture and Urban Development. During my studies, I got the opportunity to visit multiple thriving countries and cities and learn from them. The quality of life and innovation in all these places inspired me. So, I decided to return home to contribute to realizing the potential I envisioned many years ago. Do you have a minute? Let me tell you my story.

Discuss today. Act tomorrow.

We’ve seen how a day in our lives could look 50 years from now. It might seem
far-fetched. For our vision, we looked at technologies and ideas that are mature at the moment or are rapidly gaining traction all around the world. By 2069 we expect these to be commonplace. We see the potential Curaçao has to start setting up the foundation to adopt technologies that make our cities and lives better. As the next generation of scientists and engineers arise, we will have the capacity to realize the future of our dreams. How does your Curaçao of tomorrow look? Discuss today to act wisely tomorrow. 





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